Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mid-Year Presentation

A big thanks to the Bechtel engineers who came and listened to our mid-year presentations this evening. Bechtel has consistently been one of our biggest sponsors, so we were very excited to have representatives visit us and give us feedback on our projects.

For this evening's presentation, each group made a presentation detailing what they have been doing from the beginning of this year to now, our half way point. Not only did our presentation help the groups organize their progress, but also allowed everyone to improve upon their public speaking skills. Each student was able to showcase what they have been working on, and also showcase their knowledge of the project as a whole as unanticipated questions were fired around. 

Even more exciting yet from today's presentation was the d├ębut of our printers name:

Charlie CR8

Each printer will have an individual name as to personalize the user experience. To add a commonality, each printer has the same last name (model name), Cr8-- create. When a customers purchases one of our printers, they will be expanding the Inventeam family, an experience unlike any of our competitors.

With future goals in mind and suggestions noted, it is time to Cr8!