Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EYES, Saratoga Reads, and STEM Expo

February has only just begun, but the Educating Young Engineers team has already accomplished so much! We started out the month with our primere Saturday Engineering Program on February 1! The event went amazingly well! We were extremely impressed with all of the young engineers solutions to our challenges. We are also extremely appreciative of all of the volunteers who made the day possible, together we raised $2,400 to excite many more young engineers! We have decided that we will be putting on a very similar program in April, for the children who were on our waiting list or were unable to attend. Then in June we are going to do a mega program, open to even more young engineers and with all new challenges! In addition to putting on our own engineering day, we also helped support local events. On Saturday February 8 we had a station at the Saratoga Reads event. At this event the children all came with LEGO creations that they showed off to other excited LEGO creators. We were there to show how LEGOs can come to life with the WeDo kits and programming software. Then on Monday February 10 we had a station at the STEM expo at Division Street Elementary school. We showcased the wind tunnel and had the children test out a variety of different flight mechanisms. They determined which could fly the best by watching how high the flight mechanism flew and how many little people it could carry! We are very happy with how rapidly our EYE organization is expanding and have been extremely grateful to play a role in such amazing events.
If you would like to read a news article about the Saturday Engineering Day you can click on the link that follows:


Tab Orthwein said...

Thank you for exciting young engineers! Two of my children participated in the EYES program and loved it.

Thank you for your volunteer outreach at the LEGO contest for Saratoga Reads and at the Division Street STEM Expo. My family was at both events and you all are wonderful ambassadors. Keep up the great work!

--Tabitha Orthwein