Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who Wants to be an Engineer?

While the high school was out of classes for Regents and midterm testing, a group of Project Lead the Way students re-visited the middle school to talk about the technology courses the high school has to offer to our upcoming freshman class. Eight students and two high school tech teachers explained what each class entailed and described some of the activities that went on in the classroom. Our high school students were even able to show some of their projects from each class, getting excited about what they were able to create. After the presentation, the middle school students spent the second half of the period asking questions either about PLTW or about high school in general. The questions ranged from, "Does the high school have vending machines?" to, "How close is a robot to human intelligence?"
During some down time we even got to visit a 7th grade tech class and help out with their projects and around the classroom in general.

The prospects for next year's PLTW freshmen class and we can't wait to see them!