Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The software team has been up to a lot lately. From adding new features to the GUI to controlling the stepper motor the software team has been working on many essential features for Charlie. From the Graphical user interface standpoint a new print viewer has been constructed so that the user can see a nice organized print progress and data screen showing helpful info such as the resin levels and time until completion. After testing a few other styles we found that dynamic sizers work best for laying out all of the spacers and widgets found in the print viewer. Through the wx python library we were able to also use a progress bar that will eventually be programmed to give the user an actual visual representation of the progress of the printing. On the more electronic side with the stepper motor the software team has completely switched to using arduino to program the stepper motor and the microcontroller. Using arduino we hope to have the motor receive a certain number of steps and execute those steps. Another great accomplishment of the software team was the creation of 3D STL files that can be produced. By taking user entered input our program can create a 3D image for gears of the gear that the user wants to print. These past few weeks have led to the creation of many important features and we hope to continue this on to the future with more amazing features.