Monday, May 19, 2014

Sticking Together

Now that our base incorporates a puzzle piece design instead of using angle bars and bolts, we had to figure out the right glue to use to strengthen the structure. We started off by using acrylic glue. We had trouble with the consistency from the start. The glue was very thin and hard to control, and even pouring the glue into the application bottle was difficult. But after some practice we perfected our skill of acrylic gluing. We found that the glue was very strong and when trying to break the bond, the actual piece of ¼ inch acrylic snapped before the joint did.
Next we tried super glue. We found that super glue was visible and was harder to apply since it was much thicker. Also, when trying to break the joint gave way under a lot less pressure.

Because of this testing we decided on strengthening our base by using acrylic glue at the joints.