Friday, May 2, 2014

The Final Printer

A little over a week after making the decision to go with the new design, the final Inventor drawings have been finished. The final prototype has a few major differences from its predecessor. First off, the projector is now pointed downward with the image bouncing off of two mirrors. To fix the issues with the last prototype the Z-table design has been overhauled, now being attached to a square rod that spans the length of the resin pool and slides up and down the guide rods on linear ball bearings. It is still driven by a stepper motor and threaded rod. The acrylic shell will be attached via a puzzle-piecing and gluing method. Lastly, a slimmed down resin pool takes up less space. These changes make for a different look, and allow for a smaller, improved machine.

Looking forward, we aim to have it built, electronics hooked, and begin final testings within the month.