Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Never Ending Story

As the year in EDD (and highschool) comes to a bittersweet close and we prepare for our final presentation on June 17th, a small group looks to continue the Charlie project post-graduation. A small group, mostly consisting of build team members looks to continue the project, building a business plan, a go to market plan, promotional materials, as well as finishing and optimizing what we already have in the way of a product. We aim to launch a Kickstarter/crowd-funding campaign for a multitude of reasons. Through this campaign, we will be able to raise money to finish the product, as well as create and develop ways to repeatedly manufacture the printer, generate interest, and gauge how much interest there is in what we are able to bring to the table. We understand that what we currently have is not invention, but does bring about many innovations, as well as combining many existing ideas into one package, as we aim to bring more features in the future.