Thursday, February 14, 2013

Measurements and Muscle Tone

Today in class, research was a main objective for our team. We learned more about how muscle tone affects a person's arm mobility, as well as the measurements for the most widely used standard wheelchair in the US. We also ordered a new ball and socket joint, but this time we are using one that is meant for a camera tripod, in hopes that it will be able to hold up more weight than our current one does. Outside of school today, we will bend our next piece of plastic for the second prototype, and continue building the separate components, all while keeping the improvements that need to be made in mind. By next week, we will have our second prototype completed, and will bring it in to the therapists at Wesley to critique. We are looking forward to getting a lot completed during our break next week, and will be moving forward and coming closer to our final goal of a completed product.