Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Next Device

After our work with PC and Macintosh computers, we’re ready to add iPhone to the tutorial list. We’re looking into two methods of capturing an iPhone screen, both of which have some difficulties. We have a program that allows an iPhone to connect to the computer and open in its own window, but since it was designed for the iPhone 4 and the model we’re using is an iPhone 5, the bottom of the screen gets cut off. The connection between computer and iPhone also appears to be unreliable. We also have a simulator used for App development which runs smoother and shows the whole screen, but this does not have the App store available. This means that any tutorial involving the App store cannot be done unless we fix the problems with the first program. While we work out these issues, the website is approaching its state before it crashed. By the time we make a few iPhone tutorials, we should have the website ready for videos to be added.