Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Prototypes Here We Come

During class today we mainly talked about what we did over break and what we had to do next with our bag. We have a new ski bar made so we will put that on one of the prototypes we already have made and make new bars for the new prototypes we will start making. We will be cutting out all of the material and pinning it together next class when we have all of the material together and make sure its what we want to do with our bag. This time around we plan on putting them together faster so we can look at them and see the results faster. During class we also bounced some fundraising ideas off each other because with the cost of the new laser cutter we are a bit behind of where we wanted to be. One of the fundraising ideas we came up with was something for graduation where graduation is filmed and we would sell copies of it. Its called gradushare.org.