Monday, March 4, 2013

Keep It Simple

Today's Skype meeting with Matt left us thinking. We now have a lot more things to consider, such as maybe just finding the best YouTube videos and using those videos instead of making our own. We also need to make the website much more user friendly. Matt gave us an idea of making the text bigger and he also found it hard to find the videos. These are things that we most certainly have to fix as our client base is not going to be as tech savvy as our skyper was today. He wanted the website to be very simple, of course that makes our job easier and will hopefully make our website more useful. He complained about never getting a response from an admin for the account he created, we never intended for anyone to make an account so we need to convey that message very clearly and will probably end up hiding the log in screen until people want to make a request. What he did say of the videos we created was good, he said the quality was nice and that they were to the point.