Monday, March 4, 2013

Meetings, Metal, and Making Schedules Work

In class today, we were unable to work on our project since we had two different meetings with the First Wave and Computer Tutorials groups regarding their progress. Nonetheless, we were able to get together last week and work on the attachment method to the chair of our current prototype. We used u-bolts to attach the ball-and-socket joint and now have a sturdy metal frame to insert into the wheelchair instead of PVC pipe. Also, we attached the foam to the new arm and elbow rests, and rounded out the attachment piece at the elbow to get rid of excess bulk. Our new prototype is already looking much better than our first, and is almost 3 times as light, which was a large focus that needed improving. We are planning on working in class and after school as much as our schedules will allow us to this week, to continue with our progress. We will also be taking a look at our progress report and will get a sense of what we must get accomplished by next month, including a new prototype and getting our design out to someone for a trial testing.