Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On the Right Path

First Wave Pack is on our way to finishing our next prototypes. We have been testing our old prototypes at the same time to figure out strength and what we need to improve on. We are trying to add some different elements to the backpack to make it better then it was. We are making the overall bag smaller and a lot less bulky. We are also adding an inner layer to the bag to make it more durable and more tough so you can just throw everything in your bag and go. We are going to finish the bags this week and can't wait to test them out and take another step towards our final project.Today, we continued to cut out pieces for our new backpack design. We got some new one inch white buckles in the other day so we put them to good use on a section of the backpack that helps evenly distribute the weight of the roller skis. Another thing we talked about was the best method of attaching the bar to the bag. Hopefully, we will have a finished backpack with our modified design by the end of the week.