Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3D Makeover

Today, a major decision had to be made regarding the aesthetics of the first prototype for our 3D printer. Up until this point, the design we had been going with was simple and over used. We wanted our machine to stand out, so it was time to once again hit the drawing board. For homework, everyone on the build team had to design and sketch up a 3D printer based completely on aesthetics. Our team leader, Deirdre, compiled our ideas and narrowed them down to three different exterior possibilities. Prior to splitting off to do our individual work for the prototype, the whole team met and discussed the design possibilities.  After the vote, it was unanimous that we go with the rounded front version, the green-colored one in the picture. We decided that this version was unique and different enough from the competition so it would be noticeable, but also efficient and not out of range for our resources. Our next step in deciding aesthetics for this design will be figuring out the fine details of our printer: how the door will open, the specific dimensions needed for the z-table to fit, and  how the components will fit inside the machine. For now, we have the main aesthetic design for our 3D printer figured out and in the works.