Monday, December 9, 2013


A huge goal for the Marketing team is to end the year with more money than the initial value that we started with. Fundraising is a huge asset to our success and we have been doing very well making the funds to stay on top of our "bills." In the past month, we had our 99 Restaurant fundraiser which consisted of dining profit and some locally donated raffle baskets. Most recently, we just concluded a Spa Day raffle (donated by one of our student's mother), which brought in a significant amount of money. Today, we began a fundraiser to raffle off one of our assistant principal's parking spot for the month of January, a treat for any senior at Saratoga High School. He kindly donated the spot to us and we are excited to have it! We are also selling candy bars at a table in the front of our school with the raffle tickets. On December 15, we are having a Barnes and Noble Book Fair fundraiser where we will discuss our project to customers, as well as feature some of our multi talented students who will be playing music. In the future, we plan on hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle and at our local Bow Tie Cinema, and also, selling more candy around school. Thus far, fundraising has proven to be a successful endeavour.The Marketing Team continues to develop our products image, and we hope to have a name and logo by January 14, 2014!