Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Murphy's Law

For the last few weeks, the programming group has been working on a variety of tasks. Several members of the team are already working on GUI related programming to create a more user friendly interface for our rapid prototyper. On top of that, we have also written a script to test the stepper motors and a stepper motor class to be used in later programming. Working with close association with the electronics group, we have been trying to get the stepper motors up and running. From the programming side, the stepper motor programs have been successfully debugged, however, we have had issues regarding the wiring of the stepper motors. According to Murphy's law, everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong. Just as we were reaching the wire (no pun intended) for a deadline, the electronics group may have accidentally fried a BeagleBoard by running too much voltage through it while testing the stepper motor. Despite this, we still believe and have hope that the BeagleBoard will be usable. Upon the completion of the stepper motor system, we will be able to move forward on the other tasks that await.