Thursday, December 19, 2013

Code for Kids

Throughout the month of December, the Elementary Engineering group has been working to further develop the programs that we have instated in the local elementary schools.

In Geyser Road Elementary School, the students have been working on using the LEGO WeDo programming to make their creations come to life. To help the students bridge the hardware and software aspects of LEGO Engineering, we created physical blocks to represent the blocks on the program. These blocks were laser cut out of Lexan and engraved with the name/ function of the block. They were then spraypainted the same color as the blocks that they represent in the program and stickered with the image of the block that appears in the program. Theses blocks really helped the students to make their “programming sentences” and the students enjoyed automating their LEGO Legs so to kick a ball into the goal! This Pilot is becoming a true success!