Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update 10/13/15

Paul and his key group.

The hand group is busy fixing their 3D printer.

One of our beautiful 3D printers.

Uh oh.

This is what troubleshooting looks like.

Getting to work.

Our chief financial officer.

Today in EDD, we continued work on our presentations and got most of them done.

The key group, Paul in particular, is planning to decimate the hand group when we present on issues with their project (and vice versa). That, however, is a story for next post. Today Jake and Nick worked on mechanical locks, Paul and Lucas on the hand project critique, and Eli on electronic lock technology. We will have to make quizzes for the other group (and Mr. Gallagher's freshmen?) next class.

The hand group report from Adam follows below.

  • Adam - Did some more research on the anatomy on the hand and tested MIT’s Inventor Video Game.
  • Maddie - "Making a dolphin for Mr. Gallagher"
  • Hannah - Did more research on the hand ligaments in the wrist and is currently working on the PowerPoint presentation
  • Steve - He’s gotten studying done on the metacarpal bones and the carpal bones
  • Jackson - Research on forearm muscles
  • Kevin - Worked on key group issues and MIT Video Game Testing.
  • Reese - Made a new group called the Brain Trust and helping with 3D printer problems
  • Cameron - Assisting in troubleshooting 3D printer problems.
  • Ross - "Doing a survey for a guy" and assisting with 3D printer problems.
  • Gray - Troubleshooting 3D printer problems.
  • Andrew - Made a new group called the Brain Trust and helping Gray and Cameron
As you can see, the 3D printer problems are consuming a lot of the hand group's resources.

That's a wrap for now. We'll be back on Thursday.