Saturday, October 24, 2015

Update 10/24/15

Yesterday was an exciting class for both groups. Our project manager Max selflessly postponed our quizzes which allowed everyone to get a lot done.

In the hand group, Ross, Cameron, Gray and Adam worked on one of the 3D printers and are preparing a hand to send out to Enable. Andrew and Reese emailed twelve doctors to see if we could meet with them to talk about our prosthetic hands and to find out what issues are with current prosthetic hands. Steve and Jackson continued to do research and come up with ideas for the project. Hannah, Maddie and Ross worked on getting feedback from Brandon who currently has an Enable hand.

Ross kindly provided us with a summary of Brandon's feedback and what it means for the project: "His main problem is functionally the hand is worthless; it is unable to preform any basic hand movements or functions. It was unable to grasp and hold objects quickly and consistently. The hand from a comfort level is perfect according to Brandon and that design can remain the same. So our mission is now to redesign the control and movement system to better the hands capabilities and functionality."

Not to be outdone, the lock and key group is working on some market research of a different sort. The group is creating a survey for homeowners which will be distributed online and will gather information on their opinion of current mechanical and electronic locks and home security in general. Others are still working on creating CAD files for the various key designs for 3D print prototyping. We also happened to brainstorm some more lock ideas and are still waiting for the lock we ordered to arrive.

That's all for now. Next week our class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Look for more updates then.