Thursday, October 15, 2015

Update 10/15/2015

The hand group is hard at work getting a quality control hand made.

Things are heating up as we finish up initial research and get ready to really get our projects started.

In the key group, Paul and Lucas are hard at work creating the presentation on issues with the hand project and areas of the field that have already been worked on. Nick and Jake continue research on lock and key technology. Eli has largely finished his presentation and focused on PR tasks today. The group is discussing technologies other than contact smart cards that we might use, including fingerprint scanners.

Today the hand group did the same jobs they’ve been doing.  The hand anatomy research group did more research on how the human hand works and put that into a presentation for our class to learn as well. Another group finished the presentation on the key research, did more work on the quiz, and helped a little with the 3D-printing. The 3D printer group fixed some problems they were having with the 3D printer and continued to print the prosthetic hands. They also started to put together a prosthetic hand that they printed out and got the fingers all done. The hand group is working hard and expect to get a bunch of prosthetic hands printed soon.

That's all for today. We'll be back next week.