Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Update 10/27/15

This Saratoga student has a hand, but that doesn't mean he can't wear ours.

Paul and Mr. Gallagher discussed plans for the lock.

Today we finally took our quizzes on the presentations so our productive time was shorter, however, we still managed to get some tasks done.

The hand group printed out another hand in full size that we will ship out soon. The hand group also got some more emails sent out to doctors and will got some meetings set up to talk with them about prosthetic hands. The Machinery team helped out the lock and key group with some 3D printing today.

The lock and key group finished up the Inventor files and discussed some more market research and technical plans after reviewing results of our initial experimental survey.

All in all, things are looking good for the future of both projects. The lock and key group has a tangible new product in our plastic key prototypes and the hand group is getting some real direction with their talks with doctors and feedback from a hand recipient.