Monday, June 20, 2011

Surveillance Cameras

In recent years bullying has become more prevalent and a wide spread concern. Specifically, bullying in schools has gained national attention. I have recently been a witness to bullying in our school cafeteria. Surveillance cameras are set up in schools to assist in capturing activity. The cameras in the majority of schools are scanning cameras that move at a predetermined rate. In the incident I witnessed, the camera was scanned away as the bullying occurred and did not capture the incident. If the incident is recorded, it still can be tedious to find the recording of the incident if the exact time of the activity is unknown. Surveillance technology needs to be improved to make it is easier to find recorded activity and so cameras capture all bullying activity.These improvements will help combat the rising amount of bullying.


Casey Kerr said...

I think that this problem is relevant throughout schools and other establishments, worldwide. With this technology it would be much less likely that a bullying interaction would be missed.

Aaron said...

Now that schools like Saratoga High are equipped with more cameras than a movie studio, as well as employees dedicated to monitoring them, it seems like quite a waste that they are so ineffective. A device to increase the effectiveness of surveillance cameras would also have applications far beyond schools.

medicare complete 2012 said...

If that would mean better security and higher safety rate for the students and staffs then I guess there is no harm in doing that. Its good that Saratoga High is taking measures to address the security issue of the school.