Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cost-Efficient Handicapped Swing

Everyday physically impaired children are faced with limitations in their lives. Particularly in playground settings where you do not see many handicapped accessible items and if you do, these items can sometimes be expensive or hard to install. My idea would be to provide children with a handicapped accessible, durable, safe and most importantly cost efficient swing for children to ride.


Allie Lehane said...

I think this is a fantastic idea. My younger cousin has disabilities in which he cannot use a normal swing. He has been taken to Double H ranch where they do have such equipment, but it is, as you said expensive, so really only they have it in the area. I'm sure his family would love to be able to just bring him to the neighborhood park and be able to allow him to go on the swings. Hopefully we could find a safe and cost effective way to build it!

Renee Martin said...

This innovation would be highly useful in today's society. Just because of a child's physical limitations, they should not be refrained from participating in such simple, childhood activities such as swinging on a swing. Also, it would alleviate stress or other various emotions on a parent, knowing that their child is having fun. This innovation could even lead to other handicap play equipment to give the child an even more enjoyable experience as they struggle through their disabilities.