Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lack of proper stimuli in alarm clocks

Today most all alarm clocks use only sound to wake somebody up, and those that do use light do it ineffectively. Many people wake up well to strong light, and the clcoks that do exist are far too dim.
note: after I proposed a solution to this google@home was announced at Google IO and it looks like it will basically solve this eventually using the android platform and api, so I would rather solve this problem, or another. Many electronics today use electricity even when they are are not functioning, you can fix this by using a power strip and turning the power off manually, but an automatic solution would be much better.


@jhreb said...

I feel this is a very relevant problem to many in our school. I personally have been late to school and yelled at by my mom countless times due to my alarm clock not waking me, although I have a particularly loud alarm clock.

Brad Collyer said...

I feel like this kind of problem has a very appealing solution and a product like this would also be a appealing to the public. Also the solution seems to be a reasonable one and not something "To Far Out There".