Monday, June 20, 2011

Remembering Your Pills & Prescription

Many elderly people develop health problems as they grow older and luckily doctors and specialists have developed pills to help ease the pain and make some of their symptoms go away. The average senior citizen takes at least 7 pills a day, if not more and must take them to function pain free on a daily basis. However, along with old age comes forgetfulness and therefore it becomes difficult to remember when to take their pills, what pill to take, and how often to take them. They could forget and then be in pain or take too many and it could be detrimental to their health as oppose to help it like it is suppose to. Another issue is timing; while they may remember they have to take some that day, many require specific times so they do not interfere with the other medication they're taking. My grandmother spends countless hours telling my grandfather to take his pills, having to remember his and her own comes to be quite a challenge. Remembering to get their prescriptions filled is another task in itself for if they forget they’re without medicine for maybe a day or two until they can go get it.


emma rocco said...

With the aging of the baby boomers health care issues are becoming increasingly important. This idea is very compelling and a solution to this problem would make the lives of elderly persons trying to live independently much easier.

Renee Martin said...

This idea is intriguing, and with this innovation, it would make the lives of the elderly much easier. It is sometimes difficult to remember to take pills that are so important to your health. The common forgetfulness of people can really have a toll on one's health, especially the elderly.

Paige Waechter said...

I think that this will be an amazing step in the right direction in regards to the health and wellbeing of especially the older generation. Besides the natural forgetfulness, unfortunately a lot of the elderly population suffers from PTSD from the Vietnam and Korean wars, and forgeting their medicine would be detremental to their mental and emotional ability to function.