Thursday, November 7, 2013

CAD Team, Assemble!

The CAD Team has been making very steady progress. Over the past few classes, we have been discussing more design ideas regarding the automatic refill/ draining system. Seeing as it was an idea that came about very early while brainstorming, we have recently gone back and evaluated its feasibility and whether this would be a beneficial innovation. After discussion with the rest of the Build Team, we decided that we are going to implement it into our design. However, it will have to be scaled back in our initial prototype from being able to store multiple types of resin to just one. Once we are able to successfully create a working automatic refill/ draining system we will add a way to hold more than one resin type. Before the beginning of next class this system will be added to our assembly. As we progress further into the assembly for our 3D printer design we can start to see how each of our individual parts are make up the grand machine, like pieces to a puzzle.

The CAD team also finished working creating parts for the Instructables 3D printer using the .idw files provided by the guide. We are currently assembling this printer on Autodesk Inventor, and once it is completed our task-force in charge of creating this will begin their build phase.