Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mounting Suspense

The AutoCad team has completed the first milestone! The preliminary prototype drawings were due on November 20th and the team had them done just in time. Since the prototype drawings are now completed, the build team came together once more, only to split off again into various partnerships to work on different aspects of the prototype. These groups have the tasks of working on: a Z mock-up with parts, the machine base, resin pool, and projector mounts.

Even though the class is on break from school for the Thanksgiving holiday, the build team is still working hard. We have arranged for a full build team meeting outside of school to continue our work. 

The next milestone is to have the skeleton prototype by December 4th, and at the pace we're working it, shouldn't be a problem! And then, we're up to bat in the big leagues with our first full scale working prototype.