Thursday, November 14, 2013

Keeping the Current Flowing

In the past month, the electrical team has made terrific progress. All of the parts we ordered have arrived and they have all been working smoothly. With this step now done, we have started some prototyping. In conjunction with the build team, we have built a setup that will allow the stepper motor for the z-table to move. We will be able to run this set up when the programming team creates and debugs the code to move the motor as desired. We have also been working with the build team in order to test the projector and to make sure the design files will allow our two groups to integrate our systems with the physical components. After testing the curing of the resin with the projector a class ago, it has become apparent that the projector has a UV filter inside of it which will need to be taken out before any further progress is made in that area.
In addition to all of this, we will be helping the programming team with their test program of a blinking light that will hopefully allow them learn a bit more about the code library that they will be using.  At this stage of the project, working and collaborating with the other groups is a integral part of our job. Considering our progress so far, the final result should be very impressive.