Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Going LEGO

The past two weeks have been very exciting for the elementary engineering group! On Wednesday October 23, we met with the teachers who are participating in the LEGO engineering at Geyser Road Elementary School and trained them on how to use the LEGO WeDo kits and software. With the teachers trained and equipment ready we kick started the LEGO program on October 30th. The LEGO engineering session went amazingly and the students announced that LEGO Wednesday’s were their new favorite day. With a such a successful start to the LEGO engineering program we are looking forward to starting the LEGO Club at Dorothy Nolan Elementary School. We met with the club organizer, Kara Rossettie to make sure that we were all on the same page with our expectations for the LEGO Club. We are preparing to give a presentation  at the HSA meeting at Dorothy Nolan Elementary School on November 4th to gain funding for the LEGO Club. Once the funding is secured Mrs. Rossettie will be able to purchase the supplies. We are expecting the start date for the LEGO Club to be November 27th.

In addition to getting the elementary engineering programs underway, we have been looking for additional ways to fundraise so that these programs can continue and expand into next year. Over the next week we will be designing laser cut ornaments and magnets to sell at local businesses to raise a fraction of this money as well as applying for grant money from local organizations.