Friday, November 22, 2013

Software Progress

Over the past few months,  the software team has made exceptional progress. We have added many features to the user interface such as a file chooser, a custom spin control for touch applications, and a gear generator. The gear generator takes in user parameters and then can determine the exact shape of a gear with various types of teeth. With this feature, we hope this that this will now help to both improve ease of use for basic things and save time for the user. Another great accomplishment of the software team was the completion of a configuration file that will allow the user to change different settings such as the layer depth or the color of background and have these settings saved. The user interface also has a user-friendly bubble menu for selection that can be used directly from the printer, allowing the user to make changes or create a product without switching to a desktop. Finally, our group has also made huge advancements in writing a stepper motor class to control the Z table. With help from the electronics team, the software team has now created a program that can control the stepper motor and the different outputs of the microcontroller. This is just the beginning of a vast range of accomplishments for us, and they can only grow from here.