Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Electronic Update

The electrical team has just started working on the electronics subsystem of the printer.  As the electronics team, we have to work closely with the build and programming team to make sure our system will integrate with both the hardware and software designs.  We’ve already created a list of constraints and goals for our part of the final design, as well as a list of major parts that we have to order and use in the final product.  We also are beginning to look at how everything is going to work together, and we will soon be making a diagram to show data and current transfer throughout the product.  Since we all have a little bit of electronics experience, we are going to start looking at how the microcontrollers work, and we will be doing some research to find out how the system is going to work. On a progress note, today in class, we tested the projector successfully and will be taking steps from there.