Thursday, October 24, 2013


In recent activities, the marketing team has continued it's research on 3D Printers, and started finding consumer feedback from 3D printer users. In the past, a lawsuit had been found regarding a patent issue, and because the patent doesn't expire for three more years, it has been a high priority to find a patent lawyer who could assist in confirming that our product would not interfere with any patents and will work pro-bono. We have contacted a few companies and are going to continue researching. The next task the marketing team is focusing on is, of course, the most important - finding a product name. For the time being, it will remain a secret, but stay tuned for the announcement. in the next few weeks, the marketing team will focus it's efforts on gaining more consumer feedback and searching for mentors for each individual group, so any problems that we run into, there will be someone to answer.