Monday, October 21, 2013

The Basic Building Blocks, Legos

Over the past two weeks the Elementary Engineering group has been working on creating mock lessons to demonstrate to teachers how engineering can be integrated with common core standards. The mock lessons that we are creating are for the fourth grade lego pilot classroom at  Geyser Road  Elementary School. We have assessed the fourth grade curriculum and have planned two pilot lessons. One lesson integrates English and Engineering. This activity includes reading a play, writing an alternate ending, and then creating a Lego Machine that is able to lift objects into trees. The second activity encompasses Math and Engineering. In this activity, students will follow a tutorial to make a “smart spinner.” They will then experiment with various motor powers and see how the motor power affects the time the object spends spinning. After this using graphing skills and their ability to multiply and divide they are able to draw conclusions from their experiment. Within the next two weeks, we are also planning a meeting with the Lego Pilot Program teachers to introduce them to the Lego Pilot technology and walk them through our Lego Lessons.


Elliott Poppel said...

Just read an article about "The Lego Theory" and how playing with Lego's are almost every future inventor/innovator's "first project" ( Definitely was mine! Great idea using Lego's to get the next generation of InvenTeam student interested at a young age. Keep up the great work!

Elliott Poppel, Class of 2008