Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is Two Better than One?

Today in class we debated and discussed the pros and cons of having two projectors in the machine versus one. Having two projectors would set our machine apart from any other machine and would double the build space available for the user. However, by doing this, we would also be putting the programming team in over their heads with having to convert and rewrite all the necessary algorithms to project the image. Also, we run the risk of having the projector mash up to be even one pixel off, ruining the whole printed file. From the hardware and materials standpoint, more resin would also have to be used in order to cover the surface area of a larger resin pool.
One the other hand, using only one projector would essentially be recreating the machines on the market already. The only thing that would potentially set our machine apart are a bunch of small software and hardware features. Such features could include a more user compatible interface, templates for quick printing, a drainage system, a self contained final curing compartment, and many more things. Having only one projector you are automatically making your build area smaller and the machine would become desktop size, a pro for many people. What we are left to think with though, are these features any reason to buy our printer over any other?