Thursday, October 17, 2013

Divide and Conquer

LeftThe build team has been split up into two groups to help maximize the efficiency of our work. The first group is dedicated to creating a prototype of our printer on Autodesk Inventor. The second group is in charge of figuring out the actual materials needed for the machine and then purchasing them. The materials team has just purchased a projector to test, some resin, Z table material, and Sylgard 184 (a nonstick coating substance). Once we acquire all the materials, we will want to test curing different resins on different materials. Also, we will want to test the projector and explore the possibilities of a stationary dual projector system. Using some open source material, the three teams will also consider combining forces to create an auto calibration system for the projector. We hope to have all these items tested by mid November at the very latest so that way after the team gets back from eating turkey and pie to their hearts content, we can get working on the first real prototype.