Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Build Board

To help stay organized throughout the course of the year, the build team has set up two different "Build Boards" to help keep us on track. The first board is strictly for any ideas regarding the project. The ideas can be anything under the sun and will stay on the board for us to keep in mind during the year. Currently our ideas include little things about what we might want the machine to be able to do. The next board is a "to-do" list which will help monitor our progress. The first column in this four column set up is for the facts and constraints we need to consider before completing any task. The next column is a list of what we need to do. As we begin working on something, the post it note in the to do section gets moved to the in progress section, and finally to the completed section. The other teams will also come up with similar methods to this in order to track their project and stay organized.