Monday, October 28, 2013

Subject to Testing

For the past two classes, the materials team has been testing one of our possible resin options on multiple materials in order to see what material the resin best cures to. We cured the resin using sunlight and tested wood(just for data), aluminum, steel, PVC, PMMA, and Lexan. We found that the resin left behind residue on the non-metallic materials and that on aluminum in particular the resin cured strong, but was removed with relative ease. This has made aluminum our first contender for material to make the z-table from.
We also performed some small tests to see how well new resin cured to resin that had already dried. We found that the resin cured and bonded just fine without any separation on the surface, but had a slight visible internal seam where the new resin bonded with the dry. This should not be a problem when projecting, as each layer will likely be exposed to UV almost simultaneously with the layer adjacent to it.